Eclipse Field Trip

We haven’t even had our first ‘official’ day of school but we had an amazing field trip on Monday to East Georgia State College.


We originally planned to drive a couple of hours over to our friend’s farm in SC in order to be in the path of totality for the solar eclipse, but we opted for 97% totality, a 15 minute drive and the opportunity to meet some local homeschoolers, visit the planetarium, watch NASA’s live streaming, make a fun solar eclipse craft and watch the actual eclipse outside with some super cool eye protection.


Andy managed to take a little time to join us and I’m glad he did, because it’s only confirming that we want to make lifestyle choices that benefit our family which currently includes homeschooling and farming/homesteading.


I am amazed that we had the entire planetarium to ourselves (it’s small but sufficient and was perfect for our group) and I don’t think the day could have been more perfect. I am thankful for how everything turned out and that we were able to witness such a spectacular astronomical event.


Growing our Family

We’re working hard to get this family life back in rhythm. It’s been our groove for the last 6ish years to continually adjust our ways as we add new little people to our brood. We love it and it’s the hardest thing we’ve ever done.


Andy and I knew we wanted children and that we wanted to have children right away. We didn’t know we’d have a honeymoon baby and a child every other year after that, but we are thankful and amazed that we have. Our kids are blessings. They are. That’s the bottom line to us. We love our children. When people ask us if we are done having children or tell us that our family is complete because we have 2 boys and 2 girls we shrug a little because we don’t know if we are done. We’ll take as many children as God gives us.

This season is challenging. The sleepless nights, crying, screaming fits, exhaustion, anxiety and pressure from society to have the picture perfect life or even the accusations that we’re selfish for having multiple children is overwhelming at times. Selfish isn’t the first word that comes to mind regarding parenthood. At all. However, the struggles are there. So are the joys. So are the amazing moments and the milestones. The triumphs and the firsts. So many firsts.


We want to cultivate hearts of compassion and love in our children. We want them to love their neighbors and look out for their brothers (and sisters). We hope to train them and teach them well. We hope that they’ll know the depths of God’s awesome love for them and that we can be but a glimpse of that never giving up love. We’ll continue to press on and hope and pray for good fruit. We pray for their souls. We pray for their souls that will never die while we die to ourselves. May we be found faithful during this season and forever.


Christmas Tree

I’ll get this blogging thing down someday. Maybe. Or maybe not. It’s December already and we went to a local tree farm to pick out a sweet tree for the second year now.


Our first few years of marriage were spent with some major Charlie Brown branches that we scavenged for around the farm properties that we rented. A cedar branch was literally our tree one year. Then a small pine then another pine variety. Bugs and all.


Last year we picked a Leyland Cypress and this year was a beautiful a deliciously scented Arizona cypress. The kids love this season. They might be a little more sentimental than I am or perhaps they just love the family traditions that we’re establishing as much as I do.