Front Porch Farmgirl


I’ve shared before that one thing I love is a good front porch (or living room or back porch or coffee shop) sit. It’s wonderful to reflect, pray, read and just be  still especially when a good view, comfy chair and cup of something delicious is involved. It’s a chance to slow down as my friend Monica at ‘The Homespun Heart’ preaches, teaches and shares on her blog and in her new book ‘Slow Lane’ that I can’t wait to get my hands on!


Our front porch is nothing fancy or glamorous by any stretch of the imagination, but it works for us. When we moved to Family Tree Farm there was an almost brand new mobile home with an overhang/awning sort of deal on the front that was built by the prior manager to block some of the afternoon sun and provide a little shade relief. We added on a deck and screened it all in and that is now our front porch.


The porch has added a bit of living space (at least in good weather-because it leaks pretty good between the roof line of the house and the porch roof that was built prior to us moving here) and we have been working on making it a functional/useful part of our home and not a junk collecting spot. I have some pretty amazing junk, but I’m talking about the not so amazing junk like chewed up buckets and toys…


As I’ve been picking up bits and pieces of suitable porch ‘stuff’ like places to sit and outdoor rugs and a bath tub… Yes a bath tub… we’ve been enjoying it more and more and as I’ve watched our little Buttercup grow, I think she just might love a good porch sit too.


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