Sidewalk Beekeeper

image.jpegAndy had some work to do on the hives in Savannah yesterday and when he forgot to take some honey to our friend’s antique store, I gladly offered to bring it, because I knew the kids and I could use the opportunity to visit my sister and play at Forsyth Park.


There is a new honey shop opening at the Tanger Outlets in Pooler and when the owner asked us if we had any honeycomb available, Andy decided to take off a super from one of our hives in order to make room for the Tupelo flow that’s happening soon. The shop owner is actually a commercial beekeeper, but they use plastic foundation and aren’t able to harvest honeycomb. We don’t usually sell raw honeycomb, but it is actually a lot easier to harvest than extracted honey and it’s also gorgeous, which matters to some people, not to mention sort of a novelty. Our minivan acted as a mobile honey wagon, since our friend wasn’t at his shop and Andy had a super full of honeycomb to cut. Thankfully he brought soap and water and made it work.


In the meantime, Bullfrog, Pinecone, Buttercup, Goliath (the goat), Lulu and I grabbed a picnic at the park, got some shark balloon hats, visited a family friend on Duffy St, saw Opa, checked out Daniel Malone’s house renovation progress and had an overall awesome day.


Being back in my hometown with my baby sister and kiddos was such a treat. Andy’s hardwork to cut out the comb, deliver it and get back to the farm to butcher our sheep after managing the dozens of other things happening on a daily basis, reminds me of how thankful I am for him. Coming home to the peace and quiet of this farm we’re on was a breath of fresh air after the bustle of downtown Savannah. It’s a good place to be.



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